How much is Wallace silverware worth?

Wallace Silversmiths is a major American manufacturer of sterling silver. The company was founded by Robert Wallace. He was the son of Scottish immigrant and silversmith James Wallace and his wife Irene Williams , who had immigrated in the late 18th century. After mastering the art of silver craft, Robert Wallace purchased a dilapidated gristmill, and began to produce spoons in He later moved his factory Wallingford, Connecticut. There he increased his production of spoons and cutlery. Realizing the importance of diversification, Wallace began producing a complete range of flatware using a nickel alloy formula. For the next five decades, Wallace did contract work, producing cutlery for a number of firms throughout the world. Curtiss Co.

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Hallmarks are one of the most important factors in identifying antique silver jewelry, flatware, and other items. These small stamped symbols on the back or underside of silver items can tell you the purity of the silver, the manufacturer of the piece, and sometimes even the date it was made. Understanding how to read hallmarks is an important skill for any antiques enthusiast.

If you have a piece of silver jewelry or a household item you’d like to identify, there’s a process that can help.

Marked with Gorham hallmarks, sterling, and date symbol for Gorham Sterling Silver Bowl and Wallace Sterling Silver Platter, “Stradivari” Pattern.

Wallace silver is around for more than years and very well known in the US. To understand the value of Wallace silverware you first have to learn that there is a big difference between Wallace silverware made within the last 50, 60, 70 or 80 years and very old Wallace silver made in the 19th century. Wallace silverware made during the last 80 years is usually not extremely valuable and priced by the current silver value.

Basically, Wallace silver goes per weight and the more pieces you own the more valuable is your collection. We listed Wallace-Value-Price-Examples further down. We are well-known for paying highest prices and offering an amazing simple and fully secured selling process. Important to know is that a complete collection of Wallace silver is worth more than just a single piece or some pieces. So please understand that pricing varies depending on your collections completeness.

Wallace silver has a turbulent but also innovative history. Those items are obviously not very valuable these days because soon after inventing this new alloy, Wallace went to mass production. In contrast to those mass products, solid silver-silverware was more rare and is still reflecting a nice value. Wallace did also lots of contract work for other companies and brands like Sir Christopher or Juneau Alaska. Later in the s, the company got re-branded into Wallace Brothers specializing in producing silver-plated items based on stainless steel.

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Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I have spent a fair time researching this on the internet and have failed miserably. I think the handle might have two ivory rings on them but I really have no idea.

The hallmarks on the lid are very clear, and include date letter X for A set of 18 Wallace Georgian Colonial pattern sterling silver forks.

The prices are not current but the line drawings are invaluable. It is indexed and cross referenced so you will be able to find you pattern listed. Once you know that name of your pattern you can go online and look up what pieces are available and the price for them. There are literally s of patterns of silver plate flatware. Here is a short list of popular patterns that we have handled through our store.

Baroque Rose. Bridal Wreath. Charter Oak.

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You can also dent sterling a lot easier than denting silverplate, so be careful. This works for coins, but not really good for tableware. For coins, hold the coin in the middle with one hand and ping it with the other.

HALLMARKED: Wallace Sterling, Canada sterling mark MAKER: Wallace silversmiths USA Date first listed on: February 15, Buy Sterling Silver Girls 20″.

The Silver Salon Forums are open to anyone with an interest in silver and a willingness to share. Know little or nothing about silver? Don’t worry! Anyone with a genuine desire to explore the subject of silver and related metal crafts is welcome. If anyone can help me, here are my questions: 1. Is this an R. And, if so… 2. Are there any details i. And… 3. I’m not well versed in Wallace’s marks, but I have noticed that on old International flatware pieces of the same period, the trademark is sometimes sideways from the sterling mark, I suppose to make it fit the space while leaving it big enough to easily see.

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The Condition: With unblemished surfaces and no dents or scratches, this piece is considered pristine. The Monogram: Inscriptions do reduce value — not every collector wants another person’s initials on her antiques — but not significantly. The Neck: This mirror has no solder marks or split seams to indicate a value decreasing repair.

The Handle: Resin filling can break down, causing a rattle bad ; this mirror doesn’t make a sound good.

How to Tell if Silverware Is Real Sterling-Silver—Not Silver-Plated bonds to the underlying metal, so stainless steel will leave no such mark.

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The ferrule has a maker mark of GH, city code of Sheffield, and date code. Both the ferrule and end cap have GH maker marks see above. Sterling silver adds style and ceremony to the any table, regardless of. Each European country has its unique hallmarks so there are literally thousands of silver hallmarks on record. Anthony, Dorothy Malone, Bell Tidings, no copyright, publisher, or date named.

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The box is embossed with a detailed image of the Great Cloth Hall in Ypres, before it’s destruction during the war. The gauge of silver is quite thin, and the box has been well used and damaged, 3 of the connecting arms have been repaired. The box also has clear London import marks for , and importers mark RB for Richard Burbridge, who was Managing Director of Harrods from to It was the site of many major battles during the War, first sustaining damage in but being completely destroyed by It was rebuilt between

An extensive reference guide to silver marks, hallmarks, trademarks and maker’s marks found on Read Review or Visit Site. The Gilbert Collection. The late Sir.

But, to be honest, some are much better than others. Use this guide to discover some of the favorite spots where those in the know go online. You will learn to understand and research silver origins, craftsmen, and manufacturers using hallmarks, along with a few online value guides to help you with that daunting task as well. There are many different grades of silver, and even antique items that look like silver such as German silver, nickel silver, and alpaca but are not at all what they appear to be.

This guide will help you decipher the basic marks associated with silver and understand exactly what they mean. This popular site is highly recommended by avid collectors and antique dealers alike. Also has a section of silver plate marks, which can sometimes be even more obscure and harder to identify than sterling silver maker’s marks. If you’re sure your piece is American made, this is a great place to start your research.

This collection of American manufacturers and retailers of sterling silver, coin silver, and silver plate marks are listed alphabetically by manufacturer. While the information here isn’t as extensive as that held in the guides mentioned above, it is a very useful introduction to silver hallmarks used on antique and vintage jewelry from around the globe.

Anyone getting started buying or selling silver jewelry will find this information to be useful and a great point of departure for learning even more on the topic. Need to identify your grandmother’s silverware pattern or one you picked up at an estate sale?

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